Technical Information & Safety


Fact sheet of the installation


The Nations Park Gondola Lift is a continuous unidirectional motion Aerial Lift with monocable technology, in other words, the cable moves always in the same direction at a constant speed, powered by an electric motor and the same cable has the function to carry and support the weight of the vehicles and their passengers. Vehicles are detachable closed cabins (also called gondolas), in other words, the cabins are connected to the cable by means of a grip that disengages from the cable when it arrives to one of the stations and engages again when leaving the station. This feature allows a reduction of the speed of the cabins in the stations regardless of the speed on their course to facilitate boarding and disembarking of passengers.



Installation type Monocable Detachable Gondola (MDG)
Manufacturer Doppelmayr
Concessionaire Telecabine Lisboa, Lda
Year of entry into service 1998
Distance of the course 1230 m (one way)
Maximum speed 4 m/s (meters per second)
Duration of the trip From 8 to 12 minutes (depending on the speed)
Nr. of intermediate towers 9
Maximum span between towers 270 m
Maximum nr. of carriers 40
Carrier capacity 8 passengers
Haul rope length 2.517,5 mm
Haul rope diameter 45 mm
Traction system 314 kW direct current electric motor
Emergency traction system 96 kW internal combustion engine




The equipment of Doppelmayr, recognized worldwide as leader in aerial lift technology and engineering, offers the highest level of security. As for exploitation and operation, Telecabine Lisboa also assures de highest levels of security. Our operation and maintenance team carries out daily inspections and revisions under the preventive and predictive maintenance plan recommended by the manufacturer. Every 3 years external audits are carried out by companies authorized by the Institute for Mobility and Terrestrial Transportation (Instituto da Mobilidade e Transportes Terrestres).